Digital Fabrication

And some traditional stuff too

3D Printing

Learn to print almost anything on one of our four 3D printers. Three Ultimakers, and one Makerbot.

Laser Cutting

Learn to Engrave & Cut almost anything from plastic, wood, leather, fabric, and other materials.

CNC Routing

Learn to cut and engrave
compex 3D shapes out of  aluminum, wood, or plastics.

Classes for ages 18 and up


Arduinos & Pis

Our educators and members have extensive experience in Arduino based projects. Get started right, or expand your knowledge with us at FCFL.


Technology you can wear is more accessible than ever. Learn about 3d printed accessories to integration of biofeedback sensors and more.


Internet of Things

Learn about internet-connected devices, robotics, and other physical computing. Automate your garden, or learn to unlock your home by text message!



Jig Saw
Table Top Drill Press
Cordless Drill
Hand Tools & Drivers



We have sewing machines, an overlock machine and a heat press!

Paper, Vinyl, Acrylic

From wire to wood, from leather to plastic, or anywhere in between. Use our Silhouette Cameo, Laser engraver, and more!