Rules & Policies

Using the Facilities

  1. Upon completion of the membership orientation, Member can utilize FCFL at any time during normal operating hours. Member agrees to observe posted space reservations and noise restrictions.

  2. Every member must complete a basic usage and safety training on the advanced tools (Laser cutter, CNC, table saw, shop tools) before use.

  3. Every Member is limited to 1 guest who must be overseen by the Member, bearing full responsibility for any actions of the guest. Members must purchase guest passes for their guests (at a rate of $10/day/guest).

  4. Members are allowed to store personal food in the refrigerator. All food that is left overnight or is unlabeled may be disposed of without notice. Regular abuse of the community refrigerator may result in member being banned from use.


Personal Property

  1. FCFL bears no responsibility in the event a personal item is lost or stolen on the premises.


Facility Management & Security

  1. Keep the doors locked or supervised at all times.

  2. Member may not admit anyone to the FCFL Property who is not their guest.

  3. Restore FCFL to its default state or the state in which you found it before you leave whichever is better. This applies to cleaning dishes, garbage removal and general cleanup. Abandoned messes will result a clean up fee of $50/hr. Clean up fees will be charge to the Members next billing cycle. Non-payment of the fee will void FCFL Membership.

  4. Permanent improvements and beautification of FCFL by the Members is encouraged. Please receive prior approval for any changes that require financial investment or more than 2 hours of labor to be undone.

  5. Please turn off lights in spaces that are not being utilized and insure that all non-security lights are off if you are the last one to leave the building. Regular negligence may result in eventual loss of access privilege.

  6. Respect all private and shared property. Damaging or misplacing said property will require restitution and may involve other penalties, up to and including criminal prosecution.


Making Reservations

  1. If you want to make a reservation, you must contact our staff.

  2. The public spaces at FCFL are available on first come first serve basis and need to be reserved for group events. FCFL has the discretion to disallow, change available location or cancel any event for any reason and is not liable beyond the fees paid to reserve the facility.

  3. Alcohol consumption at formal events is prohibited unless explicit permission by FCFL is granted.

  4. Full balance of the rental fee is due 1 week prior to the event unless otherwise noted.

  5. Personal property and facility management rules apply to event organizers. Refundable deposits will be deducted from the final total fee for a reservation.



  1. Member permits FCFL to photograph or write about their activities at FCFL. FCFL is free to publish such materials in internal and external materials. While the default mode of operation at FCFL is public, Members may request that specific conversations, activities, or documents remain private upon making reservations or by posting or announcing the request for privacy and confidentiality.