Membership Terms

  1. Member agrees to become a Member of Fat Cat Fab Lab Inc., hereafter referred to as FCFL.  The Membership shall be renewed with the same price and terms on your specified billing cycle date, monthly or biannually. Either member may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving FCFL written notice of intention to terminate at least 30 days in advance of the termination. Members failure to abide by the FCFL rules may result in immediate termination of the agreement by FCFL without notice.

  2. As part of the FCFL Membership, Member shall have access to FCFL property located at 224 West 4th Street, Second Floor, New York, NY 10014 (the “Property”). Access to the Property begins when the Member executes any and all documents required by FCFL and upon payment of the Membership fees and said access shall continue through the end of your billing cycle until thereafter renewed concurrently with the Membership outlined in Paragraph 1 above.

  3. If Member fails to pay the Membership fee when it is due, FCFL is entitled to deny Member further access to the Property.

  4. Member further agrees to abide by the FCFL Membership Rules.  Failure to follow the FCFL rules is, at the sole option of FCFL, grounds for terminating the Member’s Membership and denying Member further access to the Property without notice.

  5. Membership period starts on the day of payment and ends after the selected Membership period is over. It can be renewed at any time by renewing electronically or in person if a check payment is preferred.