What are your hours?

We have Open House Meetup events every Tuesday night from 7-9pm, as well as many other events. Please join our Meetup group and RSVP to attend.

Do I have to know how to use the equipment?

If you're not famliar with a certain tool there's very often people around willing to help you out. If you'd like to use some of the fancier tools on your own (laser cutter, CNC router, etc) members must go through simple safety and usage training which happens on a regular schedule.

How much is membership?

Membership is $110/mo for personal use or $220/mo for business use. Dedicated desks and storage bins are available at additional cost. For full information visit our Membership page.

What is the difference between Standard and Business membership levels?

Aside from different machine-time allotments, we realize this distinction is not outwardly well defined. ere are some factors that would relegate an individual to join at the Business level.

  • Their employer is paying for the membership or an individual is doing offsite work for their company, be it self-owned or otherwise.

  • Using our space as a daily workplace.

Please bear in mind that Fat Cat Fab Lab is a Not-For-Profit corporation  with a substantial overhead.  As our Business level is comparable in price to local co-working spaces,  we reserve the right to reclassify members if we feel the use is inappropriate for the Standard level, meant for hobbyists.

Can I donate equipment in exchange for membership dues?

Early on we made policy about this. That because of our significant overhead (W. Village rent), we knew we would never make it if we went down this path. Sorry, we don’t do this.

Can I book a tour for my school/company/organization?

Absolutely. Send us a message here with a short description about your group and we'll do our best to accommodate your needs.

How long have you been around?

We started hosting meetups in 2013 in a small office space. In 2015 we expanded in to our current space and started offering membership.

Are you related to jazz club Fat Cat downstairs?

Although we are an entirely separate organization, Fat Cat Fab Lab was originally started in 2013 by the current owners of Fat Cat as a community project.

What is your refund policy for workshops?

We offer no refunds, but your purchase may be put towards future workshop of equal or lesser value.  Please reply to the email address that your receipt came from to find an available seat.


Where can I find the Membership Terms and FCFL Waiver?

The terms are here, and the waiver is here.