vertical garden

Connecting your garden to the internet

With every passing day more of our world is connected to the internet. Not just companies and people - but things. This phenomenon is called IOT - the "Internet Of Things". Our homes lights, locks, and thermostats are connected to our smartphones. Our oceans are filled with sensors constantly transmitting information across the world. So let's make use of this new technology for ourselves - in our gardens!

At Fat Cat Fab Lab there's a jazz club downstairs. They happen to serve tasty Mojitos. Tasty Mojitos need mint. So let's grow some mint for our friends downstairs using automated, internet connected vertical gardens here in the lab.

This project will require a number of areas of expertise. We're hoping to find members interested in horticulture, electronics, software, woodworking, computer networking, or anything else that could aid this group project. Since this is a public, open-source, group project we'll also need help with documentation, photography, and blogging. If you're interested in being involved in any way join us at our next meetup!